Jonas Grauer
Film Score Composer and Producer

Bringing music to life means painting pictures in the listeners mind.

It’s my goal to compose music that will support creators pictures. Music that is hand tailored for the project to bring it on a new level of emotion, creativity and excellence. For your project to truly stand out because of the seamless integration of picture and music.

About me

Jonas Grauer is a munich based composer who has worked with several directors/producers across a wide variety of film genres, ranging from short documentary to full length narrative film. Among them “Way You Die”(2014), “In Our Country”(2016), “Christ in You” (2017) and the world’s first action movie without a single cut “One Shot Left” (2017). Apart from soundtracks he also writes trailer music and is now actively working for companies such as „Redcola“, „Evolving Sound“ and the „Short Story Collective“.

If you want to know how Jonas can work for you, keep scrolling to learn more about the art of painting with music.

Your Custom Score

A music that is composed exclusively for your film suits your project like a glove. Dynamics, length, emotion, transition – everything’s a perfect match.

Be even clearer through music

Are you struggling to deliver your message in your movie? Why not use emotion in the form of music to say what you can’t express with words?

Reach your goals easier

With custom made music, you can communicate your goals, intentions and wishes a lot clearer. Whether you’re trying to sell something or create a unique atmosphere, music will help you reach this goal a lot easier.

The art of visual is music.

Just as pictures and videos, music catches people’s attention. Did you ever get goosebumps while watching a movie? Have you tried watching that same scene on mute? Whether it’s a story of love, adventure, fear or epic heroism, it’s the music that delivers the emotion.

Placements and Projects

The Short Story Collective

Library Music

Evolving Sound

Library Music

Christ in You

Movie Soundtrack


Library Music

In Our Country

Movie Soundtrack

Schnee in Rio

Movie Soundtrack

One Shot Left

Movie Soundtrack

Der Kleine Laden

Movie Soundtrack

The Guardian Of The Light

Movie Soundtrack

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Music is alive

I am constantly composing new music and releasing pieces regularly. If you want to follow along with what I create, don’t forget to check back here regularly.

You can also just follow me on social media and get notified easily whenever I release something new again. Make sure to check out my pages.

New Evolving Sound Albums

Having composed a lot of epic cinematic trailer music recently, I’m proud to have three more tracks featured on Evolving Sounds latest release „Deliverance“, which will be available soon. Writing the tracks felt amazing as they feature the full range of orchestral instruments, synthesizers and percussion.

If you’re looking for epic trailer music, this album is definitely for you!

Big Things To Come!

After spending some beautiful days in Matera, Italy, with lots of amazing composers there are now some exciting new tracks coming later this year! Not only did we write new tracks, but they were also recorded by a live string orchestra in this beautiful city in Italy.

Stay tuned!