Two time winner of the Foto-Film-Game-Contest in Munich – 2011 and 2012.

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Evolving Sound meets JGmusic

Recently I was asked by Evolving Sound founder Jules Bromley to deliver some tracks for his website ( So, i gladly delivered some really modern trailer music to him! It was just so much fun to write this kind of music!

The big plus about the website is that all the licensing is in one place. With their special licensing wizard, you will not have to leave the site. So, if you want some of the industry best music with the easiest way to license it, is the place to get that. Coming in March 2017.

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Major Studio Upgrade – In Progress

img_1353Yes, i moved to the other side of Munich and yes, i’ve got a new Studio! That means that i am currently working on the acoustic treatment of the room.


After having finished two movies in a row, i am now back to “real work” with my bare hands. Making absorbers and diffusers and lots of other stuff


More pictures will follow!

Long Time No See

Okay, i know it’s been too long since i updated the page. Sorry for the delay.

But a lot has happened, or, will happen!

“Der kleine Laden” from Director Constantin Jahns is finished and will premier soon! I am really looking forward to that.

Right now I am working on the music for a still to be published audiobook by the very talented Mr. Marc King. It is an epic fantasy novel and it’s a lot of fun putting the different pieces together. Actually, finding a sound for an all new world is one of the most beautiful tasks for a composer like me.

In June I will be scoring the short film by Saskia Hahn and Louisa Wagener “In Our Country”. They just finished shooting in Bavaria and the desert of Fuerteventura and will start with the Post-Production of the film about a refugee boy now. What an exciting project to be part of!


After that project, I will be working with Manuel Vogel and Konrad Simon on their next film. After their successful shortfilm “Schnee in Rio” they are now shooting an action-packed movie with Benedikt Blascovic in a leading role. “One Shot Left” is the third movie that I am allowed to score for the Director/Producer Duo and I hope more will follow!

And no, it doesn’t end yet. For autumn this year there is another very cool project from a team around Phil Arber (who made the “Guardian of the Light) that is shooting a spectacular documentary about God himself. The movie is called “Christ In You” and is shot on various locations all over the world. From Switzerland to India and the Phillipines to California – the documentary focuses  on the goodness of God and his love to people all over the world! WOW!


Thats it for now, more updates will be coming soon!

“Ostinato – Possibly HZ Inspired” online & Making Of on youtube

After watching Interstellar I felt the very urgent need to compose a piece of music with the sound of Hans Zimmer. So I tried to write one and it’s on my soundcloud page now!

I even made a video of the Logic file, breaking down harmony, sounds, plugins used and some of the mixing techniques. This will be my first attempt into the making-of videos on youtube, so i hope you like it. The link will be published here soon, too.

Schnee in Rio


I am currently working on the movie named ‘Schnee in Rio’, a German production from Konrad Simon and Manuel Vogel that features several well-known german actors like Erol Sander and is a Hommage to the James Bond Movies of the 60s. Real Orchestra will be used for this production and the Trailer is already scored!

The Soundtrack is available on iTunes and Spotify: