Jonas has written several soundtracks for several films ranging from short documentaries to full length narrative films.

Film Score and Soundtrack Portfolio

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Adventure and danger film sequence composition.

Mad Chase

Score for a chase sequence.

COMBAT – Goliath

Soundtrack for the Introduction of Goliath, the Giant.

Kerbhorn's Betrayal

Soundtrack of Kerbhorn depicting the intricacies of the character's development.

DARK TENSION – Stille Der Nacht

Original Soundtrack for the short Film "Stille der Nacht" by Lukas Nebel.

FANTASY – Escaping Reality

Original soundtrack for children's film - Fantasy.

Tag der Deutschen Einheit

Composition and Arrangement for three of the 16 Bundesländer in Germany.

Fragile Visions

Composed using 8Dio Bazantar, 8Dio Plucked Grand Piano and 8Dio Epic Dhol Ensemble.

Lost Sword Intro (Soundtrack)

Intro piece for Lost Sword.

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